Galicia is the second autonomous community that created more biotechnology companies in 2019, 15% of the total

Galicia is the second autonomous community that created more biotechnology companies in 2019, 15% of the total

19th August 20200

5.73% of biotech firms in Spain, 43 companies, are in Galicia and have an average turnover of 8.3 million euros, according to the Asebio 2019 report, which highlights Galicia as one of the “most active” bio-entrepreneurs.

Galician biotechnology does not give in. Year after year, it climbs positions in the ranking of autonomous bio-entrepreneurial communities. In 2017 it was the fourth community in terms of company creation. In 2018 it was already in third position. And in 2019 it is the second autonomous community that has created the most biotechnology companies, in the same situation as the Basque Country and only surpassed by Catalonia. All these data are reflected in the Asebio Report (Spanish Association of Biocompanies) 2019, which was recently published and presented and where it is once again clear that Galicia is one of the “most active” biobusinesses in the country. The Galician community confirms the forecasts and consolidates itself as a reference area in the biotech sector. Galicia “continues to be one of the most dynamic communities in terms of the creation of biotech companies”, highlights the Asebio 2019 Report, which recalls that the Galician territory registered the birth of 4 entities last year, 15% of the total. On the other hand, Galicia is the sixth autonomous community in total number of biotechnology companies, 43 entities, 5.73% of the total. The six communities that concentrate the largest number of biotechnology companies (Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, the Basque Country, the Community of Valencia, and Galicia) represent 80.82% of the biotechnology business fabric in all of Spain. The average turnover of biotech companies in Galicia is 8.3 million euros and is only exceeded in this parameter by biotech companies in Catalonia, Madrid and Aragon, according to data from the Asebio 2019 Report, which in this case refers to 2018. The study by the Spanish Association of Biocompanies also analyses the increase in the number of companies registered in the period 2017-2018. Galicia is the second region that registered the greatest increase in these two years, with a growth of 16.22%. Only the Basque Country is ahead.


The Galician bio sector saw the birth of four companies in 2019:

  • Biorepositorio Iberia. This firm is located in Pontevedra and is dedicated to offering specialised services in areas related to the custody and management of samples at low temperatures.
  • HidrosphereLab. This environmental laboratory for the study of aquatic ecosystems, located on the island of Toralla (Vigo), is involved in the taxonomic identification of benthic species and the study of key biological and environmental parameters in the ecological monitoring of continental, transitional and coastal surface waters.
  • Hifas Veterinary. This business project located in Pontevedra and linked to the company Hifas da Terra, develops its activity in the elaboration and commercialization of raw materials, food complements and pharmaceutical products formulated from fungi destined for livestock and pets.
  • Zinereo Pharma. A company linked to the  Zendal group, with headquarters in O Porriño, which offers contract development and manufacturing services for medicines and probiotics with pharmaceutical quality.