Strategic Goals

The final objective of the CTBio project is to improve business competitiveness and the consolidation of the biotech and life sciences sector in the cross-border region with a joint roadmap based on collaboration and cooperation between agents and companies on both sides of the border.

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To promote cooperation and integration of the biotech sector in the cross-border area through the definitive impulse of the Iberian Biotech Cluster.

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To turn the Cluster into an agent for the promotion of sectoral competitiveness, acting as a provider of advanced services for consolidation, business development and the attraction of external financing.

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To implement systems and actions aimed at supporting development, entrepreneurship, creativity and the generation of new ideas and new business models in the biotechnology sector.

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To promote the internationalisation of the sector through the collaboration of companies and agents from the North of Portugal and Galicia in the search for joint business opportunities and the management of and access to foreign markets.

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To contribute to the strengthening of human resources in the sector through strategies for acquiring business skills.

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To promote the creation of a reference business pole and increase the supply of spaces for the implementation and consolidation of innovative business initiatives in the biotech sector.