Lines of action

Ambitious programme of actions

In order to achieve the objectives, an ambitious programme of actions will be launched to improve the competitiveness of companies in the sector and promote joint access to external markets.

4 axis of the project include the singular activities that will allow the design, implementation and validation of the strategic programmes of the new Cluster from a perspective of competitiveness support and the international projection of the sector’s business fabric, mainly made up of SMEs.

Competitive improvement and business modernisation of the sector

1.1 Constitution of the Galicia-Northern Portugal Biotech Cross-Border Cluster.


1.2 Implementation of joint support services for biotech SMEs (advice on design and development of new business models; improvement of processes and structures; design of communication and marketing plans).


1.3 Action plan to promote hybridisation with other strategic sectors in the Euroregion.


Access to funding for a scale up

3.1 Cross-border programme of training and advice on formulas and techniques for accessing finance aimed at biotech entrepreneurs/startups.


3.2 Development of forums and cross-border joint funding rounds for the support of biotech entrepreneurship projects.


3.3 Internet portal as a catalogue of proposals seeking financing as well as search for projects to be financed by investors.


Acceleration of individual and group talent

2.1. Programme for the incorporation of managers on a part-time basis to professionalize the management of biotech companies in the start-up and consolidation phase.


2.2. Training programme for entrepreneurs with technological profiles in activities of the biotech value chain.


2.3. Advice and coaching service to ensure maximum optimisation of the potential of the biotech companies in the Euroregion in the value chain of the biotechnology subsectors.


Access to foreign markets

4.1 Promotion of coordination with other international groupings and consortia in the biotech sector or sectors linked to biotechnology.


4.2 Implementation of a joint business promotion and marketing plan.


4.3. Reverse trade missions and joint trade missions to markets of interest. Participation in sectorial fairs.